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Mission Statement

To transform lives of women and children via education, training, advocacy and establish communities free from gender based violence.

About Us

Follow our timeline to learn about our foundation’s growth.

Our Beginning (July 2013-2015)

We led the Cities for CEDAW Task Force and worked with elected officials of Orange County to bring CEDAW, United Nations Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, to 34 cities of Orange County.

Our Beginning (July 2013-2015)


Organizations from India and Nepal reached out for help with training and education of children. Hope in Life Foundation adopted Dharavi Diary in Mumbai, India. We also started paying wages of teachers for STEM education.



We had the ability to donate our money to different schools located in India. We donated $7,400 paid towards school uniforms, school ties, admission fees, school shoes, text books, notepads for 40 children in two schools in Hetauda, Nepal from 2019-2020.


Present Day

We are actively working on bringing CEDAW initiative to cities in Orange County, CA..

Present Day


As an organization, we want to provide our visitors valuable worldwide statistics and information pertaining to domestic violence against Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) women.

Factsheet about Domestic Violence against Asian American Pacific Islander Women provided by Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence:

Source: Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence. (2011). Sexual Violence Against Asian and Pacific Islander Women [Fact sheet].

Read Here

Source: Domestic Violence-Related Calls For Assistance. (n.d.). Open Justice. Retrieved April 17, 2021, from

Featured is a table from the State of California Department of Justice displaying the amount of domestic violence related calls from 2010-2019. Click on the image to properly view the data.

Featured on the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence website from a 2020 report:

Source: Yoshihama, M., Dabby C., Luo S. (2020). Facts & Stats Report,Updated & Expanded 2020 Domestic Violence in Asian & Pacific Islander Homes, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence.

This data, found on the website AAPI DATA, represents the type of abuse many Asian American Pacific Islanders face.

95% of reported abuse is focused towards domestic violence, followed by sexual assault being 69%. 

Source: Dabby C. (2017).  A-Z Advocacy Model for Asian & Pacific Islander Survivors, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence.

Executive Board Members

Read below to learn about our team members.

Rupsi Burman


Rupsi Burman, person of Indian origin, currently resides in the United States and is an IT professional. Since childhood, she’s been involved in philanthropic work and is a bold stand for love and peace.

In July 2013, she started her own non-profit organization Hope in Life Foundation to immerse herself in humanitarian work. Her organization does projects with women inside prisons, children in elementary schools and colleges, homeless people, trafficked victims.

She is also the Chair of Orange County Task Force – Cities for CEDAW Program. She works with elected officials of various cities to bring CEDAW to cities and Orange County.

Margaret Huebner

Vice Chair & Administration

Margaret Huebner has worked as a Human Resources Executive for fourty years. She has also spent approximately ten years in the Oman and Kuwait as a Management and Human Resources Consultant.

Huebner earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from California State University, Northridge, and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Design from Claremont Graduate University. She also holds the professional designation of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) from the Human Resources Certification Institute, and completed the CSU Northridge certificate program on “Mediation and Conflict Resolution.”

She is an active member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, AAUW Long Beach, and Hope in Life Foundation. She was honored in 2016 as a “Woman of Distinction” by Soroptimist International Long Beach.

Sharmistha Chakraborty

Vice Chair & Event Management

With an MBA in Finance and over 25 years of experience in the Investment banking industry, Sharmistha Chakraborty is an expert and a leader professionally. She has led business projects overseas and has been recognized for her accomplishments that required deep understanding of cross cultural differences.

She has served on the local chapter of Women’s club of the San Gabriel region and has also been active at the Easter Seal Foundation.

Chakraborty is an enthusiastic patron of the Vedanta temple and uses her time and energy to work with those who need her kind services. She was the Treasurer of the Bengali Association of Southern California (BASC) and later was on their Advisory Board.  

Jhumur Bhattacharya

Secretary & Event Management

After fourty years of living in the United States, Jhumur Bhattacharya has worked in the software industry for thirty-five years. She has a Computer Science degree from Hamburg, Germany and Master’s degree in Mathematics from India. She has served as a faculty member of Devry University and California State, Fullerton.

With so much emphasis on education in her life since childhood, she not only realizes the value of it, but also supports her family and friends to keep at it. She is a compassionate human being serving Southern California residents with her dedication, time and energy. In the past she has volunteered at the Easter Seal Foundation and Fairview Severely Disabled facility and currently she volunteers at a Senior Center and also at a local Ashram.

Khairulnissa “Carol” Hotaki


Khairulnissa “Carol” Khan-Hotaki is Vice President and Director of Private Banking at Ascent Private Capital Management. She specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management strategies tailored specifically for high net-worth private clients, including asset management, lending, trust and estate services, and deposits.

She began her career in the financial industry while attending the University of California, Irvine where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in International Studies and Social Science in 1999. During her tenure in high school and college she developed an interest in geopolitics and economics in the third world and won the all-counties American Legion Auxiliary Girls State scholarship.

Her insatiable hunger to contribute positively to her community is exhibited through her two decades of service as a Board of Director for multiple nonprofit organizations that focus on issues for the homeless, orphans, youth, women and education. Some organizations include Families Forward, Hope In Life Foundation, Barakah Foundation, and Sana Orphanage.

Sagarika Kayal

Youth Division Co-Director

Sagarika Kayal is a recent college graduate at University of California Irvine where she earned her B.A. in Business Economics. In her professional life, Sagarika is a marketing coordinator in the Healthcare Management industry.

She has been working with Hope in Life Foundation for the past eight years doing photography, videography, video editing, and events. Her passion for sexual violence and human trafficking awareness has stepped her up as a co-lead for the Youth Board at Hope In Life Foundation.

 Sayeda Hotaki Khan

Youth Division Co-Director

Sayeda Hotaki Khan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business with a concentration in Global Trade. With over a decade of community service experience, Khan passionately served on multiple non-profit organizations on a mission to end homelessness, human trafficking, injustices against women and children. In addition to her commitment to providing a lending hand to the less fortunate both locally and globally, she has developed leadership programs for her community’s youth.

Khan’s lifelong mission is to intrinsically motivate others to show up consciously in their life, bring value to those they interact with, and to fall in love with evolving and exploring their fullest potential by expanding themselves in all aspects of life. She is a lover of many things, and you will always find her signing up for a class, pushing her body to its limit, in the kitchen, or immersing herself in nature.

Advisory Board Members

Read below to learn about our advisory board members.

Bharat Patel M.D.

Dr. Patel is an Urologist & Philanthropist at Beverly Surgery Center & Association of Los Angeles Physicians of Indian Origin (ALAPIO). He has participated in various Hope In Life Foundation’s fundraisers and supports the Dharavi project.

Sandeep Walia

Mr. Walia is an entrepreneur and highly successful executive, specializing in business software applications. He is currently President and CEO of Unify. More recently, he was President of Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific. Prior to this, he was co-founder and CEO of Ignify, a business that grew rapidly and specialized in providing specific software products and services to customers on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform.

His recent philanthropic focus has been with Lotus Petal Foundation, a non-profit which provides financial and other support to Lotus Petal School in New Delhi, India. This school provides freed education and nutrition to children living in the urban slums. Besides education, this school provides free primary and secondary healthcare to the children and their families. Currently the school has 500 children actively pursuing their studies.

Prabir Bakshi

Mr. Bakshi is a renowned individual in the Southern California region who serves as Vice-president at Bank of the West. He served in the US Treasury from 1986 -2002. His experience in Financial Management lead him to be Special Board Advisor for Hope in Life Foundation.

He believes in women’s financial empowerment and has been a generous donor for the organization. In his spare time he golfs, sometimes even for social causes. He likes the idea of mixing sports and fund-raising! We are grateful for his presence as Special Advisor to the Board.

Dhruba Bose-Roy

Dhruba Bose-Roy joined Hope in Life Foundation in 2016. She is in charge of raising funds for the foundation as well.

Some other information about Bose-Roy is she is a resident of Pasadena. She is also a Nuclear Engineer who retired from Southern California Edison after 25+ years of service. She is a renowned playwright and loves directing plays. In her free time, she likes to travel and do philanthropy work.

Dipak K. Sarkar

Sande Hart

Usha Chanani

Ratul Chatterjee M.D.


We hold projects at both the local and global levels. All projects are aligned with the mission of the organization, which is, empowering women and children through training and education.


Project One – Children’s Education in Dharavi and Mumbai, India

Hope in Life Foundation is collaboratively working with Gyanodaya Foundation in Mumbai, India to deliver Dharavi Diary project.

Training and education of 145 girls and 65 boys is in progress in Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum. During the last visit to Dharavi in January 2020, Hope in Life Foundation had the opportunity to interact with children and tour the four story facility.

We donated refurbished laptops for children at this facility. Funds raised go towards paying teachers who take STEM classes. STEM classes are held after school for maximum participation and value.

Project Two – Children’s Education in Nepal

We collaboratively worked with Divine Art of Yoga Center located in La Habra, California to identify and educate children from impoverished families. We especially those impacted by the earthquake in Nepal a few years ago.

Hope in Life Foundation supports the education of:

  • 20 children at Nawajoyti Secondary School in Nagswoti, Makwanpur.
  • 20 children at Chandrodaya Secondary School at Bahadurganj, Hetauda.

Modern Model School – internet connectivity initiative

Project Three – Children’s Education in Nepal (cont.)

Hope in Life Foundation also educates children at Modern Model Residential School in Northwest Nepal founded by Prakash Bista, a graduate of Soka University and the London School of Economics. Instead of pursuing a career in business, he chose instead to return to his own country and help others achieve their dreams.

Selected donors of Hope in Life Foundation have helped to bring internet connectivity to the school, which is quite expensive in rural Nepal.

Project Four- Empower Me

In January 2017, we were able to bring prisoners from West Bengal to the Academy of Fine Arts. From there, these prisoners were able to learn and self-discover the theme’s project, which was “Empowerment Through Art”. To learn more go to SHURU KOLKATA.

Photo of project sponsors and donors.Meet and greet with Mr. Chitta Dey.Rock carving in progress.

Project Five- Cities for CEDAW 

UNA-USA-Orange County Chapter nominated Hope in Life Foundation to bring United Nations Convention to Eliminate all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in Cities of the County. Cities for CEDAW is a campaign to implement a CEDAW ordinance in 100 or more cities at the municipal level by 2016. The Cities for CEDAW Campaign has been divided into three phases:

  1. Phase I Invite collaborative NGO’s with offices in several cities in the United States.
  2. Phase II Develop and secure funds to support grass roots efforts and provide tools and materials proven to be effective to all Cities for CEDAW advocates.
  3. Phase III Conduct action oriented webinars and share models that have been successful. And work together – NGO/CSW – WIN – DOSW and all participating NGOs and cities to gain CEDAW implementation.

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